One of the most popular destinations to study medicine in the middle-east is UAE (United Arab Emirates). Currently UAE medical university’s growth is at a very higher level. UAE have skilled medical Education to the students everywhere in the world. UAE could be a land of opportunities to study abroad medicine education. UAE is ideally situated on the inside of east and therefore the west, the town wonderfully blends the weather of each. Medical University in UAE has good infrastructure, warm and friendly people, affordable tuition fees are some of the reasons that attracts Indian students.Texila American University – Branch College was approved by the Fujairah free port with the wonderful model and affordable medical university in delivering quality medical education to the medical community. UAE – Fujairah Branch has more number of departments in medicine. At the same time practical medical camps are held in UAE University as in regular and weekend mode to all students and professionals in UAE. The programs are conducted at reasonable amount to all the medical students. The students can work while they are studying in Texila University. The University’s International dimension is based on its academic standards and also the exchange of scientific thought among practical analysis.

Benefits of MBBS from UAE!

  • Top international and local institutions
  • Excellent educational infrastructure
  • Cost effective medical programs
  • Multicultural environment
  • Exciting place to stay
  • Excellent post- study job opportunities
  • Cosmopolitan culture
  • Presence of world’s top corporate hospitals
  • Strong economy with excellent growth potential


Medical Universities in UAE